1 – Ljusväg 04:18
2- Ljusväg (extended edition) 05:34
3- Ljusväg (seiðr edition) 09:45

Release info:

The first Norrsinnt material of the year has seen the light of the bleak day of the north. Ljusväg.

Sometimes things happens quickly. With Norrsinnt, when it happens, it happens and you don’t understand how it happened, what happened and what really came out. As of yet there has never been a track that has been planned in advance. One of the tracks on “Dåvahugg” was actually based on melodies/harmonies that first came into my mind about 20 years ago.

The word “ljusväg” is not really a dictionary word. It is the words “light” (as in opposition to darkness) and “path” joined into one. Probably best translated as “path of light”, or “light path”. The lyrics only consist of one phrase, repeated over and over.

“Ljus på din mörka väg” / “Light on your dark path”
…and the shortened variation:
“Ljus på din väg” / “Light on your path”

That is all there is to it. Thus I think this track can best be described as a chant, a blessing or perhaps even a prayer. It has been in my mind for quite some time and left me no peace. It has been something of a personal soundtrack, a definition of a certain type of mood/state of mind. To me it is almost something of an artefact in its simplicity, and those can easily be explored in many variations. That’s why I made it in three versions. I’m convinced I could have woven a whole bunch of other fabrics with it, but three is enough. And speaking of enough, I could go into lengthy discussions here about how I see a track like this, in times like these as well as in a personal context vs mankinds apparant fablesse for self-inflicted pain and that you should be happy for the short moments of peace you get, but let’s not go there.

I’ll wrap it up with saying that I feel that this track also embodies my personal intent to my fellow travelers and brothers. Light on your path. May the gods watch over you as we tread further into darkness. May your path still be lit.

Ljus på din mörka väg.