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Uniting forces of scandinavian folk metal artists Utmarken, Fejd, Myrkgrav and Byrdi – Skogsmakt is a 9 minute long powerful epos celebrating the power of nature, mainly focusing on the forest covered lands of the northern hemisphere.

This track takes you through the vast scandinavian forest, displaying its might and power as well as the beauty and stillness, by combining elements of a broad spectrum based on folk music and metal. It is best described as a miniature folk metal symphony, or the final encore of a scandinavian folk metal musical!

The release consists of a digital single and a video.

Norrsinnt is a solo project by Enslig (Mathias Gyllengahm) and was started in 2014. It draws its inspiration in the local environment, nature, folklore and esoteric traditions, and is realized through works of music, video, graphics and lyrics.

Musically Norrsinnt is commonly classified as folk metal, although it doesn’t follow the common narrative of the genre.

Norrsinnt – Dåvahugg available

Dåvahugg is out! Grab your copy from Wolfspell Records (link below). Share this video publicly for the chance of winning the copy used in this video, personally signed.https://www.wolfspellrex.com/single-post/2019/01/15/Preorders-for-February-releases

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